Some Commonly Asked Questions

  1. How are you able to keep the pet still while doing the cleaning?

    Our staff members are trained in animal behaviour and have a number of different holds and techniques that they use to help keep your pet comfortable during the cleaning.  Each pet is unique and we work with there individual needs to help make them feel comfortable during the cleaning.  We introduce the tools slowly until they feel confident that we are not going to hurt them.

  2. What do you do if my pet is becoming to stressed or aggressive during the cleaning?

    If your pet is becoming stressed or not cooperating in any way we will stop the cleaning and recommend you go to your vet, there is no charge unless we are able to perform the full cleaning.

  3. Are you able to clean the insides of the teeth and the far back molars?

    Yes, we are able to get all the teeth surfaces clean while the dog is awake.  We have a large number of different holds and techniques that we do that makes it easy to reach the insides and the backs of all the teeth.

  4. Does the cleaning hurt?

    The procedure is like any other teeth cleaning procedure, they may experience some discomfort but it does not hurt.

  5. How often should I have my pets teeth cleaned?

    Every pet is different and some are more prone to build up then others.  We find that the smaller breeds are more susceptible to tartar than bigger dogs.  The more chewing on bones, and things like bully sticks the less build-up the teeth will get and the healthier the gums will be.  After the cleaning we will discuss how often your pet should have a check up based on the amount of build-up in your pets mouth, we have a few different call back programs, monthly, 3 month, 6 months and every year.

  6. How is this cleaning different from a cleaning at the vet?

    We are not veterinarians we do not use any form of anaesthetic, the pet is fully awake for the cleaning.  We use a scaler and polisher, but we are not able to clean below the gum line, nor do we do extractions.  When you come in for your appointment we will do a free consultation with you to make sure your pet is a good candidate for anaesthetic-free teeth cleaning.  If we see any problems we recommend you to your veterinarian.

  7. How long does the cleaning take?

    The cleaning usually only takes approximately an hour, depending on the amount of build-up on the teeth and how many breaks your pet may need.

  8. Are older dogs and cats, or those with health issues good candidates for anaesthetic-free teeth cleaning?

    Yes, as long as there is no major issues in there mouth.

  9. Do you pull loose teeth?

    We do not pull teeth, but on very rare occasions a tooth can fall out with the cleaning.